Husqvarna 520IHT4 Battery Hedge Trimmer


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Husqvarna 520IHT4 Battery Hedge Trimmer

Get to work with a superior battery tool. The Husqvarna 520iHT4 is a battery-powered pole hedge trimmer with a reach up to 14.7 feet. Designed for professional use, the 520iHT4 cuts wide, high and low hedges efficiently thanks to a telescopic tube and adjustable cutter bar. An innovative brushless motor ensures high torque at the push of a button, while the low noise and zero emissions mean you can use the trimmer anywhere. Save on the cost of fuel, filters, and more while giving your business an eco-friendly face. Waterproof. Compatible with Husqvarna’s battery lineup, including the Bli950X backpack battery.

Features –

  • Efficient brushless motor
  • Long reach
  • Intuitive key pad
  • Weatherproof (IPX4)
  • Battery through body design (pat.pend.)
  • Telescope tube
  • Angle adjustment
  • Cutting speed
  • Rear impact guard
  • savE™
  • Metal housing
  • Transport mode
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Convenient control
  • Silent operation
  • Lightweight and well balanced
  • A flexible battery system
  • Low maintenance
  • Gear up for nonstop operation
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