Husqvarna 525iB Mark II Battery Powered Leaf Blower


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Husqvarna 525iB Mark II Battery Powered Leaf Blower

Husqvarna 525iB Mark II is a powerful, highly efficient battery-powered blower. Equipped with an efficient brushless motor that enables lower energy consumption and by this an increased runtime. The lightweight, compact, and well-balanced design makes it more than suitable for full-time professional use and the low noise level allows it to work in the most public of settings. An easy tap on the keypad starts the machine instantly at all times. The boost function can easily be activated by one click on the button and provides continuous extra blowing power when needed. The cruise control function offers a full focus on blowing leaves and debris away and can be activated also in boost mode. Easy to use with the highly flexible Husqvarna 36V battery system.

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